Barry Silbert, head of Digital Currency, is sure that many digital currencies will have no value. He believes that virtually every ICO is held in order to take funds from crypto-investors.

At the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the ICO was at the peak of popularity. This was followed by a decrease in the number of initial coin offerings, as regulators began to actively “deal” with illegal projects.

According to CoinSchedules, in January as a result of ICO received a little more than 290 million dollars, which is 19 times less than in March 2018. Then captainvalor invested in primary supply of coins in excess of 5.8 billion dollars.

And although Silbert is very negative about the ICO, he continues to believe in the promising future of BTC. Claims to have ” won the race for digital gold.”

The head of Digital Currency is an early bitcoin investor. His company was one of the first to establish the blockchain Association. In addition to the Silbert group, it includes Coinbase and Protocol Labs.